• Our Universe until the year 2071.

    Here you can design and build from NOW your next 7 years and so on…


Are you ready?

Do you ever heard about the septennium’s? If not, is ok… Open your mind and soul, discover yourself and how to explore your best potential to grow exponentially. Experience your best life cycles that happen every 7 years.

Are your business ready?

If yes, that`s great! Let`s open your business mind and expand it! If is not ready, we are here, with the best people and organizations, to guide you and build together the dream version of your business.

Are your ecosystem ready?

If yes, Let`s build and validate a better U71 (Universe 2071) starting from today! Open your hart, connect with us. Let`s experience what we can do together in our next seven years in the seven continents!

The U71 | U|XPONENTIAL experiences until 2071

The U71 (Universe 2071) use the U|X (u|xponential) experiences to teach you how to expand you, your universe and unite them in direction of a better tomorrow, today. Our wikiverse connections, promote and host in our real universe and metaverses a bridge between 2 worlds, digital and physical. We want to create integration across the ecosystem with all stakeholders. Is essential connect impactful projects with it`s social networks  to  government needs, business solutions and people’s dreams.

We focused in the balance and harmony between virtual creations and real implementations, that use the love and prosperity, as a fuel to fly to their destiny.

  • 1 plane in 7 continents for 7 times until 2071

  • Selection of 7 social impact projects

  • We follow up for 7 years each project

  • 7 years Dubai will host the U|Xvisionaries education HUB

  • U|XSeptennium legacies & social experiences will change your way of living

Get inspired! Be ready! Build your legacy!

The U|X experiences is your you that want to enrich and expand your life possibilities and plan your septennium’s in you private life, business or organizations… Everyone are welcome. individuals, families, speaker, influencer, government and non government institution or organization.

  • Are you ready?

  • Are your business ready?

  • Are your ecosystem ready?

  • Are your legacy ready?

  • Are you ready to fly with us?

  • U|X in Oxford Medwell

  • U|X in Blockchain Valley Virtual

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